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Deck Builders USA a division of Builders America, Inc. We take every project we undertake very seriously. A recent surge in news reports on deck failures is simply highlighting a common safety issue that has been around for quite a long time. As many decks and similar outdoor living space structures continue to age, we will unfortunately continue to hear of these completely avoidable tragedies. Have a code certified, licensed contractor, with decades of inspection experience, provide you with a safety inspection of your deck, sunroom, porch or gazebo. This simple step can prolong the life of your current deck system, and possibly prevent a homeowner’s nightmare. We see dangerously constructed outdoor structures on a regular basis. Sometimes a simple repair or upgrade is all that you require, making your families outdoor entertainment as carefree as it ought to be. “Safety first” is not only cliché, but the mindset that should be involved with anything that is to be built. We can’t fix every faulty deck out there, but we take great pride in the ones that we do repair.

Taking the time to listen to what it is that someone wants, rather than trying to tell them what they want, is an important skill to have, in both business and life. We at Deck Builders USA have found that some of the very best results come from taking an idea someone has, and turning it into a living, working example of their vision. Many times our customers know exactly what they want, while another large percentage are looking for some professional guidance, or simply a few options to choose from. The multitude of products available today, has not escaped the deck building industry. We are able to source just about any product you might care to use for your project. We commonly provide multiple pricing and material options in our project quotes, providing our customers the ability to compare our offerings to others, and choose what best fits their current needs. The most common of the options we offer for deck projects breaks down decking materials to 3 basic levels:
GOOD = Pressure Treated Pine – Standard material used with an average lifespan of 15 years when maintained.
BETTER = Composite Materials (Trex or Azek / Timbertech) - A low maintenance eco-friendly product, with no splintering, no need to stain/ paint, and a manufacturer’s warranty up to 25 years.
BEST = Brazilian Hardwood - This wood can be 6 times harder than standard pine, 3 times the strength of typical composite decking, and has a lifespan of 75 to 100 years. This product can often increase your home’s value, and make your deck stand out from all those around you. This is a very low maintenance product that comes in 6 color options. We specialize in Brazilian wood decks, and the finished product is always a sight to behold. A true show stopper!
Deck Builders USA offers options for under deck dry below systems and an endless array of possibilities for your railing systems, including state of the art LED lighting options as well. We can simply bring your older deck up to current codes, or design, permit and build you a brand new deck, sunroom, porch, fence system or gazebo of your dreams. We thrive on your satisfaction, and continue to grow because of glowing referrals from people like you. Call 770-587-3325 today for an appointment.
Deck Builders USA is owned by an ASHI code certified building inspector and is a licensed contractor (verify here) in the State of Georgia. Deck Builders USA the professional construction company that builds decks right! Call 770-587-3325 for an  appointment.

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